Stronger Together!

We are an activist network of unrepresented UC employees building relationships with our co-workers and collectively advocating around critical workplace issues at the University. We are a diverse group of analysts, specialists, patient navigators, executive assistants, and many other administrative professional staff. Together we are strengthening our voice at UC to address pay inequities, misclassification, increased workload, and other unfair practices. We also work to achieve collective bargaining rights for unrepresented staff.

UC Community Education Specialists

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UCSF Research Administrators

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Who can participate in this effort?

Our Network includes analysts, specialists, executive assistants, administrative officers, patient navigators, program reps, and many more job titles within the Administrative Professional work group who are not already represented in collective bargaining by the Teamsters, UPTE, Nurses Union, AFSCME or another labor organization. Please contact us if you aren’t sure and we can help you get an answer.



We are building strength so we can better advocate on key issues including compensation inequities, working out of classification, over work, increased pension obligations, bullying and more. We are working towards having our own representation and collective bargaining to win guaranteed wage increases, job protections, respectful treatment, and secure benefits. Supporting the UCAPN helps us get closer to having a seat at the table to negotiate our working conditions directly with the UC.

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