Admin Officer 2s are now Teamsters!

Exciting news for UC Administrative Officer 2s: Over 1,000 Administrative Officer 2 employees at all UC campuses will now be represented by Teamsters Local 2010!  This victory comes as a result of a recent ruling by the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) that effective September 30, 2020, UC staff in the Administrative Officer 2 position will be included in the CX bargaining unit. All Admin Officer 2s will immediately begin receiving the significant benefits and workplace protections in the Teamsters CX Contract, including the 3% raise scheduled for July 2021. Admin Officer 2s also have collective bargaining rights for additional wages and pay-step placements with the process scheduled to begin in November 2020. Compensation for non-union employees has been falling behind far too long and earlier this year UC announced a salary freeze for all unrepresented staff, but by standing together in Teamsters Local 2010, Admin Officer 2s can win better wages and benefits for their families!

As a result of the PERB ruling, Admin Officer 2s are now united with more than 14,000 clerical, administrative and skilled trades workers in Local 2010, who provide critical public services at every UC and CSU campus, medical center and laboratory throughout the state, as well as 1.4 million Teamster members in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to raising wages and increasing benefits through collective bargaining, Unions bring democracy and fairness to the workplace: we can’t be disciplined without just cause; we have a grievance procedure and Union representation to enforce our rights; we have the right to elect our representatives and vote on the terms of our employment. Because we have a union contract, we can also engage in Effects Bargaining if the University plans to implement curtailment or any other cuts to staff.

We welcome the participation of all Admin Officer 2s, first, by becoming a member of our Union. As a full voting member, you have a say in your contract and in decisions about how our Union operates. You have the ability to serve your fellow Union members by becoming a steward, bargaining team member and/or Union delegate. A show of strength in the membership is a show of strength at the bargaining table. Members also receive exclusive Teamster Privilege benefits, such as Teamster Scholarships for their children, $5000 in Union-paid life insurance, member discounts, and more. More details can be found on the Member Benefits page and you can learn how to join here:

“I feel so much better and confident knowing that the Teamsters have my back in case anything goes down! The reassurance of being represented by a strong, diverse organization that has the power to represent my best interests is everything during these turbulent times.” – Marissa Lee-Baird, UCSF Admin Officer 2

Together, we can ensure that Local 2010 is a strong Union with the power to win fair wages, benefits, and safe working conditions for all of us during these unprecedented times. More info and updates are yet to come! In the meanwhile, for union news & events, check out If you need immediate representation or assistance on workplace issues, find your Teamster Union Representative here:

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