Gaining Union Representation through Accretion

Did You Know You Could Start Enjoying the Benefits of a Teamster Contract Through a Process Called Accretion?

What is the “Accretion Process”?

When unrepresented (non-union) UC employees share the same job duties or essential functions as Union represented UC employees or perform work that has been historically performed by Union represented employees, a labor union like Teamsters can petition the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) to include those non-union positions into an existing bargaining unit.

The UC has the option to include new job titles under current Union contracts, but the Teamsters Union believes that the UC intentionally excludes positions from bargaining units with strong Union contracts as a means to suppress wages and deny workers fundamental rights and a voice in the workplace. Teamsters are currently surveying both union and nonunion workers in key titles, gathering job descriptions, analyzing comparable duties & functions, and recruiting volunteers willing to discuss their job duties with PERB.

A successful petition or showing of support would result in the immediate benefits and protections to all workers in a given title, and the right to bargain where individuals belong on the salary range. Recently, over 1,200 UC-wide Administrative Officer 2s and UC Path Sr. Employee Service Associates were added to our Teamsters CX bargaining unit through worker involvement and the accretion process!

Can I Join the Teamsters Union Through This Process?

Teamsters Local 2010 believes that the unrepresented administrative support and paraprofessional work performed in ambulatory, health education, patient advocacy, finance and research, facilities and library paraprofessionals settings share a community of interest with Union work already performed and belong in the CX Bargaining Unit.

The CX bargaining unit currently covered by a Teamsters 2010 Union contract is comprised of over 13,000 administrative and paraprofessional support workers such as Patient Communications Representatives, Medical Practice Coordinators, Administrative Officers, Records Analysts, Legal Secretaries, Early Childhood Teachers, Graphic Compositors, Public Safety Dispatchers, Bibliographers, Library Assistants, and Survey Workers.

Why Join the Teamsters Union?

In addition to raising wages and increasing benefits through collective bargaining, Unions bring democracy and fairness to the workplace. If your job title is successfully accreted into the CX bargaining unit, you will start enjoying the benefits of the Teamsters Local 2010 union contract at UC, and support the bargaining process for things like step increases, remote work and telework rights, and affordable housing which begins in October 2021:

  • Guaranteed wage increases – Over the life of our last two statewide CX contracts, Teamster members have won more than double the wage increases as non-Union workers (56.8% compared to 24.9%)
  • Protection against lay-off and unfair discipline
  • Union representation from experienced Teamster Union Representatives
  • Negotiated rate increase caps for parking and health benefits
  • A grievance procedure to enforce our contract with UC
  • The right to negotiate on wages, working conditions, retirement contributions, curtailment, and other proposed changes that would affect our union members
  • And many more great benefits!

I Want to Join the Teamsters, What’s Next?!

We will work closely with you and guide you through this process: Please contact either of the organizers below for more info:
Kimberly Aguirre –, 310-508-2312 or Linda Sorensen –, 414-553-0799

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