Important Developments on Curtailments and other Staff Cutbacks

Rather than approve a system wide five-day curtailment program, UCOP has now punted the issue of staff cutbacks to the individual campuses.  Recently UCOP issues guidelines that were sent to campuses: These guidelines give each campuses the option to implement temporary time and salary reductions, furlough and curtailment programs and more. So, while the UCAPN, Teamsters and UC Council of Unions were successful in pushing back the mandatory, systemwide curtailment, it seems unrepresented staff are now faced with possible campus cutbacks—at least at some campuses.

A number of campuses have announced their plans related to this development:

  1. UCLA stated they are extending their commitment to no layoffs for career employees to the end of the fiscal year when the commitment previously only went to January 15th. In terms of the budget request, the details are in the attached document but UC is asking the state to restore the funding cut from them this fiscal year, cover their mandatory cost increases and some other items.
  2. UCSF’s committed to no curtailments/furloughs.  (See Attachment).
  3. Our Teamster rep at UC Irvine reports that UCI won’t implement salary reductions in 2020/21.
  4. UC Riverside is waiting to complete a budget review in January to decide on the path it will take.
  5. UCPath saying they will be subject to the same 5-day unpaid curtailment plan as the Office of the President.
  6. UC San Diego (see attachment) has said they won’t need to undertake these salary reductions for the fiscal year 2020/21.
  7. UC Santa Cruz’s message says they won’t need to implement salary reductions for this fiscal year:
  8. UC Santa Barbara said they wouldn’t need to implement the curtailment program during the holiday closures to meet their savings target:
  9. UC Davis’ has indicated they are evaluating options, including “phased salary reductions” to have a list of options in early December to inform actions early in the new year:
  10. UCOP will implement the previously proposed curtailment program.  This plan is detailed in Appendix A of the campus guidelines:
  11. UC Berkeley:  no clear word yet but Berkeley has had budget issues that preceded the pandemic-related shortfalls and it’s Chancellor has often spoken of substantial financial challenges.
  12. UC Merced:  is considering a five-day curtailment plan.

Overall it looks like the locations of concern until we hear otherwise are UCOP, UCPath, UC Riverside, UC Berkeley, UC Merced and UC Davis. 

As mentioned on the call, the Regents approved Action Item B5 that maintains service credit accruals during any unpaid furloughs/curtailment and changes plan language so that for a temporary layoff it doesn’t count as a break in service if the layoff is less than 12 consecutive months in duration. To apply, the President would have to designate a particular action as a workforce action related to COVID-19.

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