Rights for Collective Bargaining and Union Representation 

HEERA Rights: Given our level of responsibility and the important work that we do, it is time for administrative professionals to exercise our legal rights under HEERA (Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act). Under the state labor law, employees are guaranteed the rights to join and participate in an employee organization and to engage in collective bargaining regarding terms and conditions of employment.

It is unlawful for UC to discriminate, harass, retaliate, interfere with or undermine any employee who is exercising these rights. We are one of the few work groups at UC who have not organized under HEERA and achieved the right to negotiate with UC officials. It is UC policy that management must remain strictly neutral when staff utilizes their HEERA rights to build a staff organization. If you believe your HEERA rights are being violated, please let us know!

Additional Workplace Rights 

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UC Job Titles and Salaries 

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