UCAPN Expands to All UC Campuses

For the past year we have worked hard to unite non-union administrative professionals at UCSF and UCLA and together advocate around critical workplace issues including compensation inequities, job protections, workload, and other concerns. We have produced extensive, quantitative research that shows our work group is falling behind – Barely Getting By: Struggling to Make Ends Meet at the University of California. Our network of policy-covered staff (the UC Administrative Professionals Network), along with other staff groups at UC, were also actively responsible for pushing back the proposed 1.5% employee pension contribution increase in November 2019.

The UCAPN is now expanding beyond UCLA and UCSF to the other nine UC campuses. We will continue to organize and build our community of UC employees in job titles such as admin analysts, admin specialists, admin officers, patient navigators, executive assistants, and several others. Our goal is to empower workers to strengthen their voice through solidarity and action and gain collective bargaining rights to improve working conditions at UC. By standing together with our co-workers at all UC campuses, we can join Teamsters Local 2010 and gain the benefits and protections of our own union contract at UC. We have the potential to win guaranteed wage increases to help keep up with the cost of living; job protections and rights around layoff, termination, and discipline; caps to increases on parking, retirement, and healthcare. We will also have representation and the ability to negotiate around job classification, performance evaluations, workload, and other terms of employment.       

Today we face looming cutbacks—potential furloughs, pay cuts and layoffs as a result of pandemic-related budget changes. It is time our work group took action to protect our paychecks and the quality of our jobs.

WANT TO HELP? WANT UPDATES? Please, let us know if you are interested in helping our effort or in getting updates by completing our digital contact card.  

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