UCLA Announces No Lay-Offs Until January 2021

Staff Victory: UCLA Commits To No Layoffs through January 15th, 2021! After collective action and sustained pressure from Teamsters and other Union members for UC to do the right thing, UCLA Chancellor Gene D. Block issued a letter on August 14th committing to keep all career UCLA employees employed though Jan. 15th, 2021.  Block’s email stated:

“…I am making the following commitment:  UCLA will have no pandemic-related indefinite or temporary layoffs for career employees through at least January 15, 2021.  This is provided that, in areas where there is a lack of available work, affected employees are willing to accept other work duties, which will be offered at the same level of pay and benefits.” 

In addition, the Teamsters and other Unions are pushing for new UC President Michael V. Drake, MD, to instruct chancellors at  all campuses to follow UCLA’s lead.  UC has many income streams and billions in reserves and should not be balancing the budget on our backs.

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