UCLA Career Track Transition

UCLA is implementing a system-wide initiative to transition all non-represented, policy covered staff and management employees to a new classification structure called Career Tracks, starting June 1, 2020.  The Career Tracks structure is a replacement for UCLA’s current classification approach and will not change your job duties or function or working title or base pay. You will be informed of this change by Human Resources and or the Executive Director of your Department. This can possibly lead to your job classification being changed to a bargaining unit title or Union; this means UCLA will be making a determination based on your current duties and responsibilities being consistent with an existing bargaining unit work. You will have only 30 days to request a reconsideration of their decision if you feel your position was mapped incorrectly.

Please notify the UCAPN and your Organizer immediately if you receive a notification that your job title has been changed to a title represented by a Bargaining Unit with representation by any Union other than the Teamsters and we will assist you in filing for reconsideration based on your job duties and responsibilities being mapped erroneously by UCLA. We will need your official payroll job title and job description for comparison with those positions in other departments to do this.

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