UCSF Denies Non-Represented Staff the Preferential Rehire and Recall Rights Allowed by UCOP

While UCSF non-represented staff absorb our new reality of salary freezes with no raises in sight, policy-covered employees experience an uncanny willingness to suffer in silence. After all, we’ve all heard the facts – unemployment is at an all-time high. So therefore, we encounter an underlying collective sigh of relief and gratitude as we do our part to help UC weather the COVID-19 crisis.  However, is the endured stress which accompanies impending layoffs, furloughs and cuts the same for all staff? Surely, those who’ve been devoted and loyal to the UC for years do not have such worries because, even if we have the misfortune of being selected for layoff, the institution will undoubtedly rehire or recall staff with institutional knowledge as soon as there is an opportunity? 

Certainly, “Preferential Rehire and Recall Rights” are in accordance with UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM). These are important rights, particularly to individuals who have longevity at UC and equity in UCRP.  Yes – you are correct in assuming there is a general policy regarding “Preferential Rehire and Recall Rights”. However, the PPSM established at UCOP allows each campus to customize according to their needs.  Although UCOP allows for preferential hire and recall rights, one campus so far – UCSF specifically denies them – see their policy. 

UC is among the greatest institutions of higher education in the world.  Staff deserve better than to be considered little more than collateral damage. To be furloughed or laid-off at this deeply uncertain time will have severe, long-term repercussions–and do so without preferential hiring options is unnecessary and deeply immoral.  

Join us in fighting back! 

We urge you to contact the Regents today and let them know your opinion! Send a personal message to a Regent or Chancellor through a call, email or social media. Send A Message! If you want to cut and paste a message to all the Regents here is an excel spreadsheet with the Regents’ contact information: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RvbSQyNPW_tnTspiVhXw3HkMVjfEKbu_/view?usp=sharing 

Also, Sign this petition! Fill out this petition. 

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