Why We Organize

We are building strength so we can better advocate on key issues including compensation inequities, working out of classification, over work, increased pension obligations, bullying and more. We are working towards having our own representation and collective bargaining to win guaranteed wage increases, job protections, respectful treatment, and secure benefits. Supporting the UCAPN helps us get closer to having a seat at the table to negotiate our working conditions directly with the UC.

Our Administrative Professional group includes thousands and is one of the few staff groups without a union in the UC system. Other staff groups, including professors, doctors, nurses, research assistants, technical staff and clericals, have union contracts. We are falling behind! 

With the help of Teamsters Local 2010, we hold virtual meetings, conduct surveys, talk to our co-workers, strategize actions, and provide additional resources and information on your workplace rights. Currently, we are pushing back hard to avoid furloughs, lay-offs and further cutbacks. Research shows that UC has reserves and other ways to address budget issues caused by the pandemic without targeting employees. At the November 2019 Board of Regents Meeting, we spoke out against a proposed 1.5% increase in employee pension contributions and successfully helped stop this pay cut to employees.

UC recently announced a salary freeze for policy-covered employees like us, but our pay has already fallen behind the cost of living and we earn 27% less than our peers in similar jobs at other California institutions. With wages falling behind, workloads increasing, and less staff to do the work, there is no more to be squeezed out of unrepresented staff! 

Let’s come together, stay informed, and elevate our voice!



Who can participate in this effort?

Our Network includes analysts, specialists, executive assistants, administrative officers, patient navigators, program reps, and many more job titles within the Administrative Professional work group who are not already represented in collective bargaining by the Teamsters, UPTE, Nurses Union, AFSCME or another labor organization. Please contact us if you aren’t sure and we can help you get an answer.

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