You do not need to take it anymore. Take action to stop bullying!

We have been hearing from a number of UC Administrative Professional staff recently who are actively being yelled at, humiliated and/or threatened while at work. 

You DO NOT have to put up with poor treatment from a member of management, a co-worker or a client that humiliates, threatens, degrades, insults or acts verbally or physically abusive towards you while you are working at UC. Use this letter and the attached policy from UC President Janet Napolitano to push back and stop bullying when it occurs. These documents were very useful for me when I was experiencing abusive treatment in my office.

In addition to these documents, feel free to reach out to Teamsters Local 2010 — even though they do not yet represent UC administrative professionals, they can and will help. Contact Jesse Mathus for more information at

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Watts-Parrish
Patient Authorization Representative
UCLA Health

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